LCHE Advances #LA40by2030, Its Bold Vision for Improving Louisiana’s Health Outcomes

Click here to learn more about #LA40by2030, a strategic initiative launched by LCHE and its partners to improve Louisiana’s health ranking to 40th over the next 10 years. Louisiana currently ranks 49th nationwide in health outcomes according to the annually published, America’s Health Rankings report.

Louisiana Center for Health Equity’s COVID-19 Response

Click here to learn more about LCHE’s systemic, public health approach to addressing disparities relating to the coronavirus pandemic including our official statement, our founder’s role as a COVID-19 Health Equity Taskforce – Public and Regulatory Policy subcommittee appointee, our collaborative partnerships and more.

LCHE President Alma C. Stewart Allen Winner of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-National Civic League Health Equity Award

On Wednesday, July 20th Alma C. Stewart Allen was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Equity Award presented by the National Civic League. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award for Health Equity celebrates individuals who have changed systems and policies at a local level to increase the chance that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to live the healthiest life possible.

Fourth Annual L.Y.F.E. Line Teen Summit Accepting Applications

The Louisiana Center for Health Equity (LCHE) and BREC are accepting applications for the fourth annual LYFE Line Teen Summit.  Dates are to be announced. Ages 12 to 17 apply now.

Louisiana Center for Health Equity Partners with the National Collaborative for Health Equity for Leveraging Health Opportunity and Equity

The Louisiana Center for Health Equity (LCHE) is excited to announce a partnership with the National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE), Leveraging Health Opportunity and Equity (HOPE). Launched in 2018, Leveraging HOPE is dedicated to identifying and measuring the gaps in data to display areas needed for improvement to achieve health equity across race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.

Governor John Bel Edwards Signs Bill to Establish Office on Women’s Health

SB 116 will create an Office on Women’s Health. The Louisiana Center for Health Equity
and the Campaign to Establish the Louisiana Office on Women’s Health, organized by LCHE,
appreciate the bipartisan support for the Office on Women’s Health and acknowledge that the
attention women’s health disparities received is a step toward progress.

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Our Areas Of Focus

Championing Women, Children and Families

Improving health outcomes and quality of life for Louisiana’s women, children and families over the next decade.

Improving Healthcare Access and Health Outcomes

Advocating for health insurance coverage and equitable healthcare services for all Louisianans.

Advancing Racial and Social Justice

 Promoting racial and social justice through the lens of determinants of health.

Leading a Public Health Approach to Adolescent Health

Engaging community entities and members in using a data-driven approach to improve adolescent health.

Featured Highlights

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LCHE Calls for Boycott of Ochsner Health in Response to Disparate Treatment of Black Patients

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