• What We Do

    While a unique organization, our approach to improving community health is a service to and for the people of Louisiana as we

    • Reach out to local communities by providing information and education.

    • Serve as a means for collaboration with other entities on health disparities.

    • Identify and distribute information about effective and proven practices.

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  • Support Us

    Louisiana Center for Health Equity relies on your involvement and support to fulfill our mission of improving the health of people whose circumstances have made them vulnerable to poor health.

    LCHE is a statewide nonpartisan nonprofit organization with 501 (C) (3) tax exempt public charity status.

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  • Why Give?

    Louisiana Center for Health Equity is active at the state and grassroots levels working to advance opportunities for Louisiana to have healthier people and communities as well as favorable conditions for health where people live, learn, work and play.

    LCHE depends heavily on donations from generous supporters like you.

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  • Louisiana Center for Health Equity Baton Rouge, Louisiana