What We Are Doing

Championing Women, Children and Families

Women’s Health – LCHE champions women’s health by addressing disparities through policy advocacy and community engagement. For nine years, LCHE and partners have hosted the Annual Women’s Day Celebration – a legislative policy advocacy, information and resources event held at the Louisiana State Capitol. Topics have included child and maternal health, maternal mortality, HIV/AIDs, human trafficking, sexual and other forms of abuse, access to healthcare and more.

Learn how we Advocate Health Equity for Women, Children, and Families.

Improving Healthcare Access & Health Outcomes

As the only state in the Deep South to adopt Medicaid Expansion, Louisiana has made great strides to improve healthcare access for its residents. Still, despite over 500,000 individuals obtaining health insurance coverage under Medicaid expansion, our state’s health ranking remains 49th in the country. This figure represents a clear disconnect between insurance coverage and true access to quality, equitable medical treatment and preventative care.

Read how our efforts Improve Healthcare Access in Louisiana.


Advancing Racial and Social Justice

At LCHE we understand that social and political determinants of health are the drivers that influence community health outcomes. Accordingly, the solutions that we employ as a society must be holistic in nature to make a sustainable impact. By addressing issues such as lack of access to quality and affordable healthcare, economic insecurity and other inequities, we work to inform, advise, and implement strategic solutions aimed at solving these systemic problems.

Understand how we aim to Solve Economic and Racial Systemic Health Issues.


Leading a Public Health Approach to Adolescent Health

LCHE advocates for policies and systemic changes relevant to adolescent health with a primary focus on education, behavioral health, violence prevention and improving overall health outcomes. Through the Together We Are More Adolescent Health Collaborative, LCHE employs data-driven approaches to address these needs in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

See how Promote Better Adolescent and Youth Health.